The custodians of Blindingham Hall

Image (1) CBChris Brannick is the voice of Rogers although he shares little with the wide-eyed innocent labourer. Indeed, his tendencies lie more towards the refined and morally elastic tastes of Lady Effingham. What he does have in common with our rustic protagonist is an inability to comprehend some of the oddities of the classical music scene and an ever-questioning nature. His ability to kill off small plants and to fail to raise herbs is legendary and would certainly get him fired from Lady Effingham’s employ.

Chris could run a degree-level course on procrastination, if he were ever to get round to it. His musical tastes are eclectic and his CD collection resembles the results of a man covering himself with honey and crashing at random into the shelves of a record shop. He would gladly spend the rest of his days listening to anything by J.S.Bach and any cover version of ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’. He currently owns 34 of these, and rising.

Brannick Mansions is a small semi-detached house in east London stuffed with the variety of instruments that his family play, with greater or lesser success. He owns a Stradivarius: the Sandvik ‘Stradivarius’ model musical saw.


DSC_0528_014 SMALLCatherine Rose is the voice of Lady Effingham. Catherine works in the field of arts and education, but it is too complicated to explain here exactly what she does, and anyway, it would bore you. She spends some of her leisure time blowing down tubes and waving sticks, but her true devotion is to the art of sleep.

She is a lover of nature, a voracious reader of modern detective fiction, and also a rampant feminist. Actually, to be fair, she is a largely supine feminist, which, along with her love of classical music, is her main similarity to Lady Effingham.

She employs Lady Effingham in a number of guises: originally as a cast member in a pair of comedy sketches co-written with fellow conductors at a summer school; as her blogging alter ego, enabling her to comment on the ridiculosities of artistic life; and as a regular guest on her community radio show, Classics from Scratch on Secklow Sounds.

Her home life with her husband is a riot of shared intellectual pursuits, interspersed with inescapable dog-walking.

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